Thanksgiving Day Festival

Thanksgiving Day FestivalThanksgiving Day is the national holiday of United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated to commemorate the harvest of the Plymouth Colony in 1621 that spelt life after the sufferings of starvation in the long winter draught. The then Governor William Bradford assigned the day as the Thanksgiving Day and a great feast was prepared, which was shared by the colonists as well as the neighboring Native Americans.

Thanksgiving Day is a day set aside each year for giving thanks to God for blessings received during the year. On this day, people give thanks with feasting and prayer. The holiday is celebrated in the United States and Canada.
Thanksgiving is usually a family day, celebrated with big dinners and joyous reunions. The very mention of Thanksgiving often calls up memories of kitchens and pantries crowded with good things to eat. Thanksgiving is also a time for serious religious thinking, church services, and prayer.
There were similar observances held sporadically but it was after the American Revolution that George Washington proclaimed the first national Thanksgiving Day on November 26th, 1789. Abraham Lincoln revived the custom is 1863 and appointed the last Thursday of November as the Thanksgiving Day. The customary turkey dinner is served in the remembrance of the wild fowls or turkeys that were served at the Pilgrims' first thanksgiving feast. Happy Thanksgiving!

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