Joint Venture/ Partenership Analysis

Astro Advice on PartnershipFor gaining multiple success and diversification in business/industry, sometimes it needs technical support/advises collaborations, joint ventures and resources. For achievement of these goals one has to enter in partnerships or alliance often, but no one is certain about his/her decision of its success-

Whether this will survive?

Will there be enough mileage?

Would it be long term?

Would there be any loss of reputation or resource ?

Would there be any difference of opinion or litigation?

These all queries are genuine for any individual or company who enters into a partnership or alliance.

The divine science of Vedic Indian Astrology has the capability to peep into the future of the respective partners (horoscopes) and predict and advise accordingly for the success of new business relationships.

For the success in business or in partnership alliance/joint venture the strength of planet Sun in the natal birth chart/horoscope is the prime factor as Sun rules Government, Godfather, Administrative Qualities, Discipline, Commitments, Name, Fame, Aura and Conduct. Besides this, planet Venus (significator for partnerships, team-work, global awareness) and the Lord of the 7th house should be well placed and strong enough.

For overall evaluation of the birth chart/horoscope other planets Mercury (significator for discrimination/assumption power, communication ability, confidence), Jupiter (significator for marketing, research), Moon (significator for finance), Saturn (significator for technical aspects) and Mars (significator for quick decision, energy) are also considered as they have their own importance which cannot be overviewed.

Beside this the impact of functional malefics are also checked in a natal chart for any negative influence on any planets or any area of the birth chart/horoscope. This malefic impact may give negative aspect in bringing dispute, losses, failures etc.
Suppose in any natal birth chart/horoscope, ascendant lord and planet Mercury is weak he may be not able to take the right decision at right time. Similarly if 2nd lord and planet Sun is weak he may indulge himself into bad reputation and loss of accumulated wealth.

If his 3rd and 4th lords are weak there may be difficulties in communication or resources and so on. These are very few of the factors mentioned above which are analyzed in partnership analysis. Astrological consultations and advises before entering into partnerships or joint ventures can avoid setbacks and emotional disturbances in ones life.

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