Mool Bandha

Mool BandhTechnique

1. Sit erect on the carpet in Siddhasana, pressing well the perineum with the left heel.

2. Look straight ahead.

3. Take a deep breath.

4. Exhale slowly and as the abdomen contracts, close the anal aperture tightly, and then contract both the internal and the external sphincter muscles vigorously and continuously and draw them upwards.

5. Intensify the contraction and lifting of the anal sphincter muscles after completing the exhalation.

6. Try to get the maximum contraction but do not contract violently.

7. Hold the contraction from five to ten seconds without discomfort.

8. Inhale slowly and, while inhaling, relax the anal sphincter muscles slowly.

Perform five turns of this Bandha in succession in the beginning, and increase by one turn every week up to a maximum of ten turns for gaining the maximum amount of physical benefit. Relax for about five seconds between the contractions.


1. Moola Bandha benefits the prostate gland, the gonads, the perineal body and the pelvic muscles.

2. The pelvic floor receives an increased blood supply.

3. It gives relief in several disorders of the urogenital and systems.

4. It prevents piles, fistula and prostatic hypertrophy. If ailments are already present, it reduces their severity prevents further complications.

5. It prevents a prolapse of the rectum.

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